How I got to Australia

Six days have already gone since my arrival in the  kangaroos land and I must explain you how I got here. In order to do that, I am travelling through my past memories so fasten your seatbelts.

I know it could sound weird but getting back  of 5 years will help you to figure out where it all started. In 2012 I got through an important decision about attending school abroad, but I eventually gave up as I realized I wasn’t ready enough. I was still feeling too tight with my relatives and that is why I let it go. 

Few weeks later I already regretted what I decided. Life goes on so I get back to my routine until another chance showed up. 

While I was looking for an interesting destination for my summer trip I runned into some incredible pictures.

Ocean, wonderfull beaches, animals, surfers, skylines side-to-side with pure nature, trends and vanguard: all at one time. Is this possible? Sure it is, unfortunately you need 24 hours to reach it!


Yes, you got it, we are talking about Australia.

Even though I am frightened by flights I was sure about my decision. Unfortunately I underrated many things and I didn’t take enough time to plan the trip, so I gave up in the end.

Summer passed by and as September broke in I still felt in need of something. At that point I began enquiring on Australia and I found something interesting. 

<<You know Mum, thanks to a special Visa you can travel and work throughout Australia. It’s suitable and popular among my peers!>>. At first I could not believe that as though my relatives, yet the fire had sparked.  

Many researches kept me busy during the following weeks and I often wandered over leaving for real. It all lasted until November when I decided to do that and to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.  

I was sure it would have been a unique and life-changing experience, more in addition to a work one. I seriously could not miss the train, not again.

Challenging myself

The first huge step to deal with was the idea of leaving home for such a long time: I knew I was not coming home in few weeks. It definetly would have taken many months. 

It was not easy, of course, but if you look the whole thing from a different perspective you can catch a great chance. 

<<What if it turns to be one of the best experiences in my life? And what if, getting out of my comfort zone, I grow conscious about the distance I can cover all alone?>>

In the end, no matter how much you push yourself into being independent and responsible, you will always run the easier path while living with your family and friends.

You need to cut the bonds and move through your own space.

<<Guess the famous Aussie Mood should teach me something, uh?>>.

Working as a chef at home and freelance writer I had no kind of bonds which could prevent me from taking that step. So I booked the flight as soon as I decided my destination.


It’s done!

I have landed in Melbourne around a week ago, after getting through twenty years of flight. 

About me and the Jet lag? We were on a difficult relationship, of course! It took me 5 days, more or less, to get used to it. 

Now it is the time to face this new life and to start my adventure. Thanks to my particular Visa I could work and travel a lot, meanwhile I am going to bring Magna e Tes, my blog, with me. 

I will keep on writing about Modena, my recipes and I am giving this australian experience a lot of room too. Just in case you decide to join me. 

I guess many of you are wondering about my work as a personal chef. Well, don’t be afraid, I am just pausing it until the end of my experience. 

By now that’s all but keep on following me as I am writing soon about this adventure and all the details you are curious about. 


Until then get in touch with me and ask me about any doubts either for you and your sons/daughters.

Stay tuned on Magna e Tes (Sito Web, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin) to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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