Australia is far beyond ‘kangaroos’ land’

<<I knew it would have been an incredible chance and a life-changing experience to bring with me forever. I couldn’t miss this train, not anymore!>>.

That’s me, of course, in my first post about Australia, the destination of this awesome experience. Awesome and incredible thinking about how I loved living with my family and how far I got trying to challenge myself.  

It’s taken some time but I soon realized I wanted to do it, to give it a try, and so I settled everything.

Visa, flight and a endless ‘to do list’. In a while I understood it wasn’t going to be that easy as I thought. 

Before leaving I’ve read plenty of books and a bunch of websites. I’ve grown interest and knowledge about dangerous animals in Australia.

Poor me, thinking it was just about spiders, sharks and snakes when, in there, even a microscopic jelly fish could kill you in few seconds!
Despite the great amount of time I’ve spent online, trying to learn as much as possible about Australia, there were still a lot of things I had not considered and I would have faced once in here.

In fact, I’ve learnt quite a lot since I’m in Australia and I’ve decided to share everything on my blog, in order to help anyone will follow my path.

My agenda is actually pretty full with ideas to turn into articles, more or less technicals, about Australian life and my suggestions on this experience. Any example?  

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