Independence cake

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Today the United State of America celebrate their independece and I’ve baked a cake to party from Italy. I’ve always loved the United State and I wander I’ll move to America one day.

A few years ago in this period of the year I was celebrating the Independence day on a californian beach and I really felt the american national pride.  I loved it. That’s why I’m here with my stars and stripes cake, hope you’ll enjoy it!


Independence cake

torta dell'indipendenza



280 g dark chocolate

150 g butter

300 g sugar

5 eggs -keep the yolk and the egg white separated-

80 g flour

200 g plain yogurt

300 g mixed berries -raspberries, blueberries/blackcurrant/blackberry- 



Melt the dark chocolate with the butter on the stove, add the sugar, the five yolks and then whisk it all. In a different bowl beat the egg whites until they’re foamy. Before mixing the flour with the other ingredients, sift it; add first some spoons of flour and then the beaten egg white until they end.

Pour everything in a baking pan and cook it in the oven for 40 minutes, 180°C.

When the Independence cake has cooled down decorate it with the yogurt and raspberries to create the American flag stripes, then use the blueberries for the blue part and whipped cream to create the stars.

For further recipes check here: Il ricettario di Magna e Tes

See you soon!!

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